Public Safety

Everyone deserves to live in a community where they feel safe and it is my firm belief that creating a culture of public safety is done by investing in children, rather than focusing on the arrest and incarceration of adults that Baltimore let fall through the cracks. Right now, the Baltimore Police Department’s budget is 10 times greater than the Department of Recreation and Parks. The City Council’s power is limited in affecting the City’s budget, but I champion efforts to invest in our youth. My policy takes a holistic approach to public safety and addresses the underlying deficiencies and creating change within the existing systems.

  • Supporting a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill that addresses community violence with a public health approach and ends corruption in the Police Department.
  • Sponsoring and supporting charter amendments that allow the City Council to add line items into the budget to better appropriate funds into youth investment.
  • Advocating for a community policing model that promotes increased foot patrols and community collaboration.
  • Increasing investment in re-entry programs at the community level.
  • Community-focused crime and safety interventions that address the needs of the vulnerable populations, including the elderly, youth and the LGTBQ community.
  • Demanding a more accountable police budget, including finding solutions to increase the number of officers and decreasing the amount of police overtime.
  • Advocating for a citywide youth program to partner with the police and help recruit new officers from local high schools and community colleges.