The young people living in the 12th District deserve to attend safe, nurturing school communities that will prepare them for college, jobs, and life. City Schools suffer from chronic underfunding. I will work to allocate more money from the city budget for Baltimore City Schools while expanding youth opportunity programming through internship programs and improved 21st Century recreation centers.

  • Work with our Annapolis delegation to secure funding for the Kirwan Commission Recommendations and work with other council members to explore ways for Baltimore to meet its contribution requirement.
  • Secure funding for the maintenance and restoration of our public school buildings. We will repair crumbling infrastructure, provide reliable heat and air conditioning units, and fund janitorial staff to ensure that our schools are clean and hygienic.
  • Advocate for and expand out-of-school-time programming through the creation of 21st-century recreation centers that help prepare students for good jobs.
  • Demanding that bi-annual audits of the school system as it relates to the city funds being allocated to the school system.
  • Expand the Youth Works program to a year-round program that provides transformative skills-building opportunities for our young people.
  • Working to build relationships with the business and philanthropic community to provide community schooling options, complete with wrap-around services for the child, parents and the surrounding community