Housing Access and Opportunity

We are living in a time of prosperity for some parts of the District, but far too many of our residents struggle with housing, homelessness, and displacement. Unless we preserve and build new affordable housing, the District’s growth will come at the expense of pushing out low-income families and people of color, particularly the communities that have made District 12 so vibrant and resilient. 

  • Advocating for local laws and increased funding as it relates to water bills, helping to ensure that the city assists residents with overdue water and sewage overages, and prohibiting the city from foreclosing on people’s homes due to overdue water bills.
  • Enforcing and expanding the City's Complete Streets transportation policy to ensure walkways, roadways, and bike lanes are safe, convenient and accessible for all people, regardless of their mode of transportation.
  • Fighting for the rights of residents and community associations to have the first right of refusal when trying to acquire abandoned properties in their neighborhood, instead of granting sweetheart deals to developers.
  • Working to ensure equitable funding for first-time homeowners, while increasing grant funding and citywide programs to help to secure matching dollars for closing costs on residents looking to invest in their homes and properties.
  • Ensuring that landlords and property owners are in compliance with city property codes and working to increase penalties for those who are violating local ordinances.
  • Working with district courts to establish a more streamlined and fair practice as it relates to landlord and tenant relations, evictions and housing regulations.