As a public interest attorney, whose job is to keep people in their homes and help educate them on the process of foreclosures, landlord and tenant laws, debt collection and criminal expungement; it would be my mission as your next councilman to focus on the following:

We are living in a time of prosperity for some parts of the District, but far too many of our residents... [read more]

Through targeted investments, Baltimore can increase equity in transit access. Quality, reliable public transportation needs to be a priority... [read more]

The young people living in the 12th District deserve to attend safe, nurturing school communities that will prepare them for college, jobs, and life. City Schools suffer from chronic underfunding. I will... [read more]


Public Safety
Everyone deserves to live in a community where they feel safe and it is my firm belief that creating a culture of public safety is done by investing in children, rather than... [read more]
Better Government
Our local government must work for all, not just the well-connected. The City Council must ensure good and responsive government operations, transparency, and better overall services throughout the City. [read more]
Workforce Development
With unemployment in parts of my district towering over 25%, job creation for Baltimoreans is vital for a healthy city. Too many Baltimoreans struggle to find good-paying, family-sustaining jobs. I believe this is a pathway forward. [read more]


Protecting Vulnerable
All people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other social or personal characteristics should be treated with dignity, and have access to the supports they need to live in the 12th District. [read more]

People who live, work and play in America's most polluted environments are most often communities of color. Poor, black and brown neighborhoods are routinely targeted... [read more]