People who live, work and play in America's most polluted environments are most often communities of color. Poor, black and brown neighborhoods are routinely targeted to host facilities that have negative environmental impacts. The 12th District is not immune to this type of environmental racism, and I will use my platform as a member of the city council to promote a clean, green city that benefits everyone.

Communities of color have been battling environmental injustice for decades. In Baltimore, I have a plan that prioritizes water quality, solid waste, transit, and lead paint abatement for our neighborhoods.


  • Parts of the 12th District are plagued with ongoing sewage overflows and backups. I will use my office and platform to lift up this issue and to encourage DPW to prioritize repairs to prevent these problems in people’s homes.
  • Additional funding, transparency, and acceleration of the efforts to reduce sewage overflows and stormwater runoff that pollute Baltimore’s Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay.
  • The Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant must update its facilities so the Plant can sustain larger amounts of sewage, and in turn, avoid backups that overflow into homes, the harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Solid Waste

  • I support zero waste principles for Baltimore City. This is an important effort in improving the quality of life for Baltimore residents.
  • I would commission a study to look into feasible ways in which the city can pull more recyclable material before it gets to the incinerator, salvaging recyclable materials that recycling centers say cannot be recycled.
  • Baltimore must do a better job of educating the public on what can be recycled and what cannot. Too much solid waste that can be recycled is being incinerated, and too many pieces of solid waste are making it to the recycling centers that are not recyclable.


  • We must make investments, and I will be a strong voice and show leadership to demand better investment from state-controlled agencies like the MTA and exert increased local control over intra-city transportation.
  • Traffic signal prioritization for light rail and buses would make public transit a more attractive mode of transportation.
  • Full implementation of Complete Streets to make getting around Baltimore safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. More bus and bike lanes, plus the expansion of subway and light rail lines, and a regional transit plan that connects Baltimore with the surrounding counties, including direct rail to and from Annapolis.


  • Additional funding to the Baltimore City Health Department’s (BCHD) Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program to ensure housing is safe through regular testing.
  • Strict enforcement of our existing lead-free laws, plus funding to support lead abatement, is key.
  • I will also support council action for the creation of more lead-free affordable housing in Baltimore and to ensure the safety of our drinking water supply and delivery system.