Protecting Vulnerable

All people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other social or personal characteristics should be treated with dignity, and have access to the supports they need to live in the 12th District.

  • Our seniors provide the communities of the 12th District with prospective and are often vulnerable to the loss of housing, reduce access to resources and being forgotten. Fighting to keep them safe and are treated as valued members of society is a top priority. Ensuring affordable housing, healthcare, and access intergenerational events and activities.
  • Immigrants have called Baltimore home since the establishment of the city. Diversity in language and culture is necessary for the growth of Baltimore City. Fully support Policy 1021, and would work with colleagues on the Council to find creative ways to take additional steps to protect our immigrant community, including if deemed necessary finding more funding for lawyers who represent city residents facing deportation, and leveraging the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund to affirmatively support youth adversely impacted by ICE deportation of a family member(s).
  • The LGBTQ community faces ongoing challenges in Baltimore City, from housing to healthcare to safety. I pledge to be a strong, visible supporter—especially homeless LGBTQ youth and trans women of color.