Workforce Development

With unemployment in parts of the 12 District towering over 25%, job creation for Baltimoreans is vital for a healthy city. Too many Baltimoreans struggle to find good-paying, family-sustaining jobs. I believe this is a pathway forward.

Adult Workforce Development

  • Transform current economic development practices that focus on tax breaks to emphasize public-private investments in workforce partnerships that benefit both local communities as well as developers.
  • Work with District 12's major employers in the healthcare, education, government, and energy sectors to identify long-term job needs and create entry-level opportunities that provide living-wage jobs and pathways to promotion and further education for all residents.
  • With the Baltimore Economic Development Corporation, build local partnerships of small- and mid-sized employers in the manufacturing, information technology, and service sectors, securing commitments to implement employee stock ownership and equitable training and hiring practices.
  • Building on the recent successes of the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program (MATP) and leveraging Maryland's apprenticeship tax credit, work with regional unions, educational institutions, and community organizations to develop apprenticeships that create opportunities to earn-and-learn in traditional building trades and in emerging apprenticeship fields like IT, healthcare, and financial services.

Youth Pathways

  • Work within City government to advocate for full funding for reform of City Schools as laid out in the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education Policy (the "Kirwan Commission,") and work with City Schools to ensure the timely implementation of its policy recommendations.
  • Increase the capacity of Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs to allow students in any neighborhood to access programming that aligns with their interests. Reduce administrative barriers to students hoping to transfer between programs of study.
  • Establish better student- and parent-facing resources to provide more detailed information for students choosing between different career options. Add labor market information to public-facing web resources to help students and parents make informed choices about career decisions, and formalize CTE transfer pathways with BCCC and CCBC.
  • In line with the Kirwan Commission's recommendations, enable BCPS to improve overall teacher quality and retention by paying better wages to teachers who demonstrate professionalism and strong student outcomes.
  • Building on the YouthWorks summer employment program model, work towards creating opportunities for all Baltimore youth to obtain career-relevant, paid internships or youth apprenticeships throughout the school year.