Sierra Club Baltimore 2020 Endorsements

Sat, Mar 7, 2020

The Sierra Club endorses a well-qualified, energetic team to get Baltimore moving forward. We are confident that they will be effective in providing all families with clean air and water and lead-free neighborhoods that are a safe and pleasant place to live.

Mayor: Brandon Scott has worked to clean up Baltimore’s heavily polluted air by placing strict limits on incinerator emissions, to hold DPW accountable for cleanup of sewage backups in peoples’ homes, to reduce the trash that blights neighborhoods, and to improve transportation and environmental justice.

City Comptroller: Bill Henry will make city financial data and contracts available for all the public to see, and use performance audits to find ways for city departments to be more efficient and responsive.

City Council President: Shannon Sneed will lead the city council in even stronger efforts to provide clean air and water, lead and trash free neighborhoods, improved transportation options, and equity.

City Council District Representatives

District 1: Zeke Cohen
District 3: Ryan Dorsey
District 4: Mark Conway
District 6: Sharon Green Middleton
District 7: Tori Rose
District 8: Kristerfer Burnett
District 9: John Bullock
District 10: Phylicia Porter
District 12: Phillip Lee Westry
District 14: Odette Ramos

The Sierra Club believes these candidates will work to 

protect public health and ensure safe and healthy communities that are free of toxic air and water pollution
support clean, renewable energy
move towards zero waste.
How to help endorsed candidates
Spread the Word! Tell friends and family about endorsed candidates in person, by social media, text or email.

Connect with Candidates! Visit their websites or Facebook pages.

Volunteer Time! Candidates can use your help contacting voters, distributing literature and signs, and in other campaign activity.

Support the Sierra Club PAC! Help the Sierra Club pay for campaign activity by contributing online.

Join the Sierra Club PAC volunteers! Click here or email

Locate Your City Council District

You can doublecheck your voter registration status and also learn which City Council district you live in by going to Put your name and information in the form and click Search. Towards the bottom of the next page click My Voting Districts and the information will appear.

By authority Charles Skinner, Treasurer, Sierra Club MD Chapter PAC

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